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About festival volunteer

Where did we start?

Almost from nothing.

Not only regarding the number of volunteers. We also found a huge untapped area in the attitudes towards event volunteering when we launched this mission 10 years ago. First, we had to face the distrust regarding volunteers (and the unknown), and the negative attitudes towards volunteering. Thanks to all the preparation, the various trainings, and the continuous honest feedback we received, the size of our volunteer team increased amazingly quickly, and at the same time we got to the point where our volunteers are thought of, both by the festival staff and the audience, as reliable, ready for action, and helpful.

Why do we do this?

Because volunteers are awesome.

After so many years of working together, we can say this with hand on heart. We have had the chance to get to know a lot of valuable people who do not just do their tasks bringing their motivation and diversity, but they do it with such enthusiasm which is received gratefully by both the event and the audience. Besides, they create a community which is worth coming back to year after year.

What can you find beyond volunteering?


Working → Career

Besides work experience, our volunteers’ reliable and helpful attitude results in job opportunities in many cases. We support their ambitions and try to follow-up with them.

Training → Development

One of the most valuable individual returns of volunteering is practical knowledge, which we complement with different types of training in our HelloWorkshops! program, which was launched on the occasion of our 10th anniversary.

Why is volunteering sexy?

  • Because volunteering is active.
  • Because volunteering is experiencing.
  • Because volunteering is creative.
  • Because volunteering is influencing.