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Opportunities for events

What does volunteering add to an event?

Volunteers can perform any task efficiently that does not require previous experience. Be it a hostess or venue-assistant position, or easy physical work. Volunteers are enthusiastic, dedicated and work gladly for the success of the event: even with their presence itself they provide such a plus that contributes to the unforgettable event-experience of the visitors and the staff.

What does the Festival Volunteer Center offer?

Customized solutions that take the burden of workforce management off of the shoulders of festival organizers. We provide valuable staff members while providing an opportunity for ready-for-action youngsters who are interested in event organizing to gain experience and to join the world of festivals. This is our 10th year of organizing volunteer programs. During this time we took advantage of the possibility to create an efficient and flexible system that reacts quickly and easily to the continuously changing needs of events and event organizers.

We support the system with an online platform, which serves all the participants. The administration connected to volunteers, the management of schedules, communication and the administration of the on-site attendance sheets all happen online. The application connected to the system makes it possible for us to communicate with the volunteers and get immediate feedback from them.

What does the Festival Volunteer Center ask for?

Volunteering does not equal free labour - be it any event, this has to be clear for all the parties. We consider it a duty that the applying volunteers feel that their work is important, that the event and its organizers appreciate them, as this is the way we can keep their enthusiasm high. In case the event does not have any experience in working with volunteers, we are happy to help: if required, we prepare the festival staff for welcoming and working with volunteers. Our “How to work with volunteers?” workshop gives guidelines on what to expect when employing volunteers. What is a volunteer good at? What can be expected, and what can not? The efficiency of the work with volunteers can be increased within the framework of complex mentoring. We help to fit volunteering into already existing structures, examine the areas of work, find solutions on how the capacity of the paid workforce may be freed up, how the workflow could be more economical and more easily manageable with the involvement of volunteers.

What does the volunteer ask for?

Benefits given to the volunteers are always adjusted to the facilities and profile of the event. Some motivating benefits we usually recommend:

  • weekly festival ticket
  • meal
  • work clothes
  • a place for their tent
  • real work experience and career advice
  • and obviously the festival experience! :)

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at info@fesztivalonkentes.hu.