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How are you?

How are you?
How are you?

We came up with a few ideas so we can help people in need. One of them is a project, called "How are you?" (Hogy tetszik lenni?). A lot of old people are alone during these months as they can't go out or be visited. Many of them have no families or anyone to talk to. We'd like to help them by calling them, asking how they are, have a conversation with them, just be someone to talk to. Unfortunately, you can't participate in this project due to language barriers. Instead, if you have grandparents or elderly acquaintances, please call them regularly, make sure that they are doing fine, offer to do errands for them.

We hope that we see each other at summer festivals. Until then, take care & stay safe!

Volunteering is sexy!
Our partner.
Thank you for everyone's humble work who contributed to the creation of this program.

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